TTHR Easy Revision System

Distal Locking Revision Stem

Based on the concept of the fully modular TTHR reconstruction stem, the monobloc revision femoral stem EASY offers a solution for most hip revisions with the advantage of a reduced and simple to use set of instruments.

Available in 4 metaphyseal sizes and 4 lengths: 190, 240, 290 and 340, with an anatomical curvature of 1 000 mm for the left and right sides.

Double coating: Porous titanium high granulometry on the metaphyseal part and HA entirely coated.

3 distal locking positions by means of fixation screws Ø 6.5 mm, except for the stem size 10, and for the 190 mm stems. Taper 12/14 (5°42’30’’), H 10 mm (minitaper).

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