Trapezio-Metacarpal Joint Prosthesis

Joint replacement can provide highly effective treatment for arthritis of the thumb. Not only can a joint prosthesis provide pain relief, but it can assist with increased pinch and grip strength for a patient.

United Orthopedic Corporation UK is pleased to introduce the Evolutis ISIS – Trapezio-Metacarpal Joint Prosthesis. Indicated in the surgical treatment of basal thumb arthritis, osteoarthritis of the trapeziometacarpel joint for the elderly and active patient with the exception of manual work patients. The ISIS prosthesis was developed based on the design and results from the Guepar group. Compared to the original Guepar prosthesis, ISIS enables the trapezial cup to be implanted without bone cement.

The ISIS Trapezio-Metacarpal design is based on over 20 years of clinical research. The rationale of the ISIS prosthesis relies on a strong retentivity between the cup and the head combined with an intra-prosthetic ROM superior to the natural mobility of the TM joint, on a strong primary fixation of the trapezium cup obtained by direct screwing of the cup in the bone.

  • Semi-constrained joint including a large diameter head which provides a large articular mobility of 68°
  • Anatomically shaped metacarpal stem coated with porous titanium for cementless use
  • Metacarpal collar to prevent any stem subsidence
  • Modular necks available in 2 lengths and 2 offsets
  • Trapezial cup available in cemented and cementless versions, any of which designed with low profile
  • Cementless cup designed for important primary stability with threaded fixation

Instrument Kit

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