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United Orthopedic Corporation in the UK work with several key partners in order to enhance our offering of orthopaedic products to our customers. Our partners and products include industry-leading robotics from THINK surgical, trapezio-metacarpal joint prosthesis from Evolutis, Distal locking revision stem from Biotechni and Intraarticular visco supplementation with hyaluronic acid for treatment of osteoarthritis from Alsanza.

THINK Surgical, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets the only active robotic surgical systems for orthopaedic surgery. The systems include two components: a 3D workstation for preoperative planning, and a computer assisted tool utilised for precise cavity and surface preparation for hip and knee replacement surgeries. The systems have been used in thousands of joint replacements worldwide.

Visit www.thinksurgical.com

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EVOLUTIS masters the entire process of implant manufacturing from the design and development phase to the post-marketing surveillance phase. This includes validation, manufacturing and marketing (with the exception of plasma coating technology) of prosthetic joint implants.

A group of highly skilled and specialized surgeons are partners to EVOLUTIS on every new project. They drive us to define the technical characteristics and estimate the performance level of the implants in terms of function for the patient and resistance during its lifetime of use.

Visit – http://www.evolutisfrance.com/

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Alsanza GmbH is an innovative company bringing the best out of the market from an exclusive owned production. They offer a large portfolio of Intraocular lenses, Viscoelastics and Eye Irrigating Solutions (BSS). Conception, development and manufacture are exclusively performed in-house.

Visit – https://alsanza.com/

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Biotechni is one of the French leaders of the production and commercialisation of orthopaedic instruments and implants destined for medical use.

They are a certified company (ISO 13485 and ISO 9001) that deeply care about customer and user satisfaction and compliance with regulations.

For more than 30 years, they have worked together with the bests surgeons worldwide to guaranty top-quality results, and improve products to always live up to our customers/users expectations.

Visit – www.biotechni.com/biotechni-eng

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