Our Products

At United Orthopedic Corporation we pride ourselves in providing innovative, regulatory compliant orthopaedic implants and instruments to surgeons. We offer an extensive product range for both hip and knee replacements.

Patient safety is always our highest priority. To ensure complete product reliability, UOC does not outsource design or manufacturing. This is all done in-house under stringent manufacturing processes, under the supervision of QA teams including engineers, scientists and inspectors, who continually monitor and assess critical production processes.

Hip and knee replacement products from United Orthopedic Corporation

Featured product – PSA Revision Knee

With its 134° high-flexion design and full compatibility with our U2 Knee™ primary system United Orthopedic’s U2 PSA Revision Knee™ is designed to provide predictable stability and positive outcomes.

Components of the U2 PSA Revision Knee™ are fully interchangeable with United Orthopedics’ U2 Knee™ primary system. The 21.4 mm high jumping distance (femur) enhances security and stability, while the femoral-tibial curve-on-curve design improves constraint and reduces insert wear.

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