U2 Revision Hip Stem™

Made from durable, forged-titanium alloy and spray-coated with biocompatible titanium plasma, the U2 Revision Hip Stem™ offers high fatigue strength, low elastic modulus and excellent bone-ingrowth potential.

Includes: U2 Revision Hip Stem™ with plasma spray coating

The U2 Revision Hip Stem™ and instruments are designed and manufactured exclusively by United Orthopedic Corporation.

  • 180mm shorter straight stem design — reduces the risk of complication at the stem tip1 
  • Proximal tri-wedge taper design — for excellent rotational stability and reduced potential for implant subsidence.
  • Cylindrical distal stem with polished tip — to optimize loading characteristics and decrease potential for distal-tip related thigh pain.
  • Extensive Ti plasma spray coating — enhances both proximal and distal biological fixation.
  • Ti-6Al-4V alloy — provides exceptional elasticity to minimize stress shielding and thigh pain.
  • 12/14 Morse taper


Designed for cemented use, the U2 Revision Hip Stem, is indicated for use in revision of previous unsuccessful total hip replacement.

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