U-Motion II™+ System

The newly enhanced U-Motion II™ Acetabular System improves upon a previously proven design, offering more flexible coupling options that reduces risk of dislocation and improves the head-to-neck ratio to help prevent impingement.

These features combine to deliver uncompromising performance, stability and increased range of motion, especially in younger, more active patients.

Includes: Osteoconductive and biocompatible cup HA/Ti coating cups ; XPE liner with snap-in locking mechanism and unique crown tabs design for easy insertion and superb locking strength, choice of screw configurations and screw hole covers.

Pairing United Orthopedic’s UTF Stem Reduced™ hip implant, with the U-Motion II’s™ larger head, optimizes the head-to-cup ratio, resulting in greater flexion range, reduced impingement and a wider range of motion. Three screw-hole placement options (including 32° screw angulation) and choice of surface coatings, increase surgical flexibility without compromising cup fixation2. Other notable design features include:

  • 52mm cup accommodates a 36mm head
  • Optimised head-to-cup ratio
  • Snap-in locking mechanism
  • Unique crown-tab configuration
  • Anti-rotation design
  • Thicker XPE liner
  • Various surface coatings


Intended for cementless use, the U-Motion II™ Acetabular System is designed for reduction or relief of pain and/or improved hip function in skeletally mature patients and younger, more active individuals.

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