UNIC Reverse Shoulder

United Orthopedics in conjunction with our Partner Evolutis offers a complete range of shoulder replacement systems. As well as being optimised for each patient’s unique anatomy and condition, all of our shoulder systems address key surgeon needs so that joint reconstruction, range of motion, and kinetics may be restored,

The UNIC system is designed to address a wide variety of shoulder arthroplasty pathologies, while providing efficiencies in the surgical process. It provides treatment options for reverse and anatomic shoulder reconstruction, for primary, revision and for fracture cases with grossly deficient rotator cuff, helping the patient get back to the activities of daily life.

With the UNIC Shoulder system you can decide Intra-operatively which components to use as the use of the same humeral instrumentation and humeral preparation for various indications standardises the procedure and allows the surgeon to decide intra-operatively whether to use “primary vs. reverse” or “hemi vs. reverse.” All of which can be handled seamlessly with one set of instruments.

Design rationale, features;

  • Well known principles
  • Bone sparing
  • Platform system
  • Revision systems
  • Delto pectoral or supero lateral deltoid splitting  approach
  • Elective and trauma adaptations
  • Simple yet precise instrumentation (mostly only 2 trays)
  • Extra small sizes available

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The UNIC Reverse Shoulder is indicated for use in patients whose shoulder joint has a grossly deficient rotator cuff with severe arthropathy and/or previously failed shoulder joint replacement with a grossly deficient rotator cuff.

The UNIC Reverse Shoulder is indicated for primary, fracture, or revision total shoulder replacement for the relief of pain and significant disability due to gross rotator cuff deficiency.  

Key issues for a successful Total Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty:

  • Glenoid Fixation
  • Reduction of scapular notching
  • High joint stability
  • No intra-prosthetic dislocation
  • Intra-operative fine tuning of the soft tissues
  • Easy to convert to another type of TSA
  • Good range of motion

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